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  • What is iTools for Mac Mac?

    iTools is a free application for desktop and laptop computers that allows users to see an overview of their iOS device and perform a host of different functions between the two. Organize your music, messages, photos and more for your iPhone or iOS mobile device right from your computer screen—like iTunes with even more features.

  • Is iTools for Mac free?

    Yes, iTools is a free application. It doesn’t require any form of payment, nor does it feature in-app payments or advertisements—what many consider to be an alternative form of payment.

  • Is iTools for Mac safe?

    Yes, iTools is safe for both your computer and your iOS device. It does not contain any malicious viruses or malware and doesn’t feature any inappropriate content, which means its perfect for users of all ages.

  • What platforms is iTools for Mac available on?

    iTools is available exclusively on Mac desktop and laptop computers running Mac OS X or macOS, including MacBook Pro and iMac. It will not work with the Windows operating system.

  • What devices does iTools for Mac work with?

    iTools works only with Apple iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Much like iTunes, it will not work to organize the files or data of any other smartphone or mobile device.

  • Does iTools for Mac require an internet connection to use?

    No. Once installed, iTools does not require an internet connection. The program works between your computer and mobile device, neither of which need to be connected to the internet or Bluetooth.

  • How do I install iTools for Mac?

    iTools can be installed by first downloading the installation file from an official source or trusted third-party website. Once downloaded to your hard drive, opening the file will begin the necessary steps to set up the program, including selecting a destination for the file. Once installed, it can be accessed in your computers list of programs or by creating a shortcut for your desktop.

  • How does iTools for Mac compare with iTunes?

    iTools is very similar to Apple’s official iOS software, iTunes. Unlike iTunes, however, iTools is designed solely to interact with your mobile device, rather than also acting as a music player and app store. iTools also helps users organize iOS desktops and reorganize apps into subfolders in groups—something iTunes can only do one by one.

  • How often is iTools for Mac updated?

    iTools is not updated often and is mostly limited in its use to mobile devices running older versions of iOS. For users who still have iOS 6 or earlier, it’s still a great alternative to iTunes.

  • Can I view what’s on my device with iTools for Mac?

    Yes, iTools allows users to see a complete overview of everything on their iOS device—something iTunes still cannot do. Whether it’s messages, music, photos, e-books, applications or more, iTools can access it all and can even recover lost data and backup current data for the future.